Mission Accomplished

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Mission Accomplished - Finish line

It’s been three weeks since I ran the Cape Town Marathon. I feel a little bad for taking so long to write this blog post about the experience. But to be honest, after all the pressure and stress leading up to the event I really just wanted a break from “marathon talk”.  I knew going into this that it would be mentally draining but nothing could have prepared me for the mental and emotional roller coaster that lied ahead of me. The two weeks leading up to race day were filled with daily battles of the mind, will and emotions. One moment I felt super confident after a good training session then the next moment I’d be filled with panic thinking to myself “What the hell are you doing Hadlay!?!.” But I pushed through it.

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60 Days To Race Day – New Route Unveiled

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Run For Change Logo

With only 60 days to go to race day things are getting real very quickly. I’ll be sharing about my training experience thus far as well as my fundraising efforts in a separate post (just as soon as I get time to do so). As part of the lead up to the race Cape Town Marathon unveiled the new marathon route this week. And I must say that I’m very pleased with it.

Here is all you need to know about the new Cape Town Marathon route:

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Blok Launches Exhibition Space

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Blok Showroom - Bedroom

Urban property developers, Blok, are excited to announce the launch of their exhibition space in the old New York Bagels building in Sea Point. This space is marked on Sea Point’s Regent Road with the words: “YOU ARE HERE”.

As developers that are constantly looking for new practices and innovative ways to communicate and connect with their market, Blok has once again challenged the norm of the property industry. The launch of their exhibition space is the first of its kind in the industry and as off-plan developers this space gives future homeowners the opportunity to tangibly experience the luxury of a Blok apartment before it is built.

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Design a Wine Label & Win

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Design a Wine Label

Leopard’s Leap has been a sponsor of the Open Book Festival since its inception and this year, to celebrate the partnership, they have launched a wine label design competition.

Entrees will create a label for a bottle of Leopard’s Leap wine that showcases the distinct elements of Open Book and Leopard’s Leap and which includes both logos. Judges will be looking for a design that balances art, literature and wine.

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My First Marathon

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It’s really happening. Much, much sooner than I initially planned. On the 20th September 2015 I will be running my very first marathon.

I have only been running for about three or four years. What started out as a form of exercise soon evolved into a form of therapy. I noticed that while running I’m left with my own thoughts. This is when I’m forced to wrestle with ideas and whatever is bothering me. Especially enjoy long distances where I’m challenged to push myself to the limit. Just when I think I can’t possibly run any further I realise that I can’t give up just yet because I need to eventually run back to my car LOL.

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Monopoly Cape Town – Final Call To Vote

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Table Mountain - Cape Town Icon

Capetonians are in for a treat! The original MONOPOLY, the fast-dealing property trading game that everybody knows and loves, is coming to our shores and creating a localised Cape Town city edition.

Traditionally anyone playing the legendary board game became familiar with the tourist attractions and highlights of London, the UK edition being the most widely played globally.

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A New Year, A New Perspective

Calendar4-12-300x300It’s funny how the closer we get to the end of a calendar year or a birthday, the more introspective we become. If we go back and look into the archives of websites we’ll find that December is littered with posts titled “the year in review”, “predictions for the year ahead” and so forth. This year I gave those posts a miss and endeavored instead to just live in the moment. But as my birthday draws closer, I often find myself lost in thought about the future.

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Even If You Know Me Well, You Don’t Know This

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Recently I came across an interesting initiative on Twitter called Writers Bootcamp. Writers Bootcamp will be posting one topic each day and those who choose to accept the challenge will be required to write a blog post based on the prescribed topic. The catch is that they are limited to only one hour. Sounds like fun right? Since I have been falling behind on posting regularly on my own blog I decided to take up the challenge. So for the next month I will be posting at least one blog post a day.

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10 Life Hacks I Live By

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Life Changes Tag Cloud

Life is like a sophisticated washing machine, with blinking lights and buttons that we’re all trying to figure out. With the foreign-language manual thrown away eons ago, we’re left to our own devices. We’re all just figuring things out as we go along. Through a series of wash, rinse and spin cycles (not always in that order) I have learnt some valuable lessons that I have since applied (or try to apply) to every aspect of my life’s journey.
I took some time out and thought about the first 10 principles that matter to me the most. I have listed them and briefly explained each of them below:

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