3 Lessons I Learnt From The Search Love Twitter Feed

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This past Monday and Tuesday Distilled held their annual Search Love conference in London. The Search Love conference is a 2 day SEO conference where speakers share ideas on the future of search. I wasn’t in attendance at the conference but below are three lessons I learnt with a little help from the #SearchLove hashtag on twitter.

1. Content Marketing is More Than Just Guest Posting


Gone are the days of just sending millions of outreach emails asking for a guest post spot. Not only is it a time consuming exercise but most bloggers and webmasters are fully aware of your true intentions. It is time to think big. Guest editorials and featured articles are just two of the tools that are at our disposal. Think about who will be interested in what you have to say and where you want to have your content published then go for it. The recurring theme through out the two day conference was Think Big Start Small. So have your bigger goal in mind and work your way towards it by taking smaller steps. 

2. Repurpose Your Content


Chris Bennet during his presentation. Photo via @ChrisCaptivate
Chris Bennet during his presentation. Photo via @ChrisCaptivate

When you’re creating great content that fills the knowledge vacuum or services your customers, repurpose it. Make your content available across multiple channels. Have an amazing infographic? Slice it up into a clever slide show and upload it onto slideshare. Make use of the platforms that you have available to you.

3. Think Mobile

Smart phones, tablets and phablets allow us to connect to the internet where ever we are. Fast browsing capabilities and email access from our mobile devices has become imperative prerequisites. We feel vulnerable and lost without connection or access to the web. Over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile phones. Make sure your website is optomised for this. Whether your site is responsive, dynamic or even a parallel mobile site, just make sure your customers can reach you on their mobile devices. These are just three of the many lessons I have learnt. Check out the #SearchLove hash tag on twitter for more tweets and opinions on the conference. A special thank you to the attendees who tweeted and shared their experiences at the conference.

One thought on “3 Lessons I Learnt From The Search Love Twitter Feed

  1. Teresa says:

    Thanks. Liked #2. Sometimes we get caught in a rut and use the same old ways. Must use more that is out there. Needed this reminder.

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