My First Marathon

It’s really happening. Much, much sooner than I initially planned. On the 20th September 2015 I will be running my very first marathon.

I have only been running for about three or four years. What started out as a form of exercise soon evolved into a form of therapy. I noticed that while running I’m left with my own thoughts. This is when I’m forced to wrestle with ideas and whatever is bothering me. Especially enjoy long distances where I’m challenged to push myself to the limit. Just when I think I can’t possibly run any further I realise that I can’t give up just yet because I need to eventually run back to my car LOL.

It Started With A Tweet

On Tuesday I was indirectly challenged to run the full Cape Town Marathon by someone on Twitter. I initially had no intention of running more than 10 km for this particular race. My running goal for the year was to complete a half marathon later this year but being unable to resist a challenge (even an indirect one) I decided to take things to the next level. But with some pestering I eventually gave into the idea. She suggested doing it on behalf of the Anna Foundation. I contacted them the very same evening and by the next morning I was well on my way to registering and researching for the 42.2 km race.

This will be my very first marathon and what better motivation than to raise funds for a very worthy cause. The Anna Foundation is an organisation committed to the development of children in disadvantaged schools and communities.

Let’s Go For Gold

Through out my 12 week journey in preparation for race day I will be sharing about my training and fund raising initiatives. I’ve set my goal at R10 000 and I will be working my butt off to get very close to that goal. I know that even if I don’t reach my goal, every cent collected is much needed and will be appreciated. But in the spirit of accepting challenges, let’s go for gold!

Please help me raise funds by making any donation to the organisation. The children in these communities are often trapped in a cycle poverty because of the lack of opportunities for them. Your contribution will help a young person develop to their full potential and one day be able to provide for his or her family.

You can find out more about the Anna Foundation on their website

For progress on my journey to the finish line of the Cape Town Marathon check out and subscribe to my blog.

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